Kara Lilura

Witch who specializes in enchantments and necromancy


Female Witch, Human (Varisian) currently level 10.
Chaotic good, no deity, age unknown to others but appears 20’s, 4’ 6" tall and never ask a witch her weight!

Spell Focus:

+1 to Enchantment spells to the save DC
+1 to Necromancy spells to the save DC

Favorite spells:

Ill Omen
Pox Postules
Feast of Ashes
Secure Shelter
Dimension Door
Mind Fog

Best Skills:

Fly +11
Spellcraft +15
Use Magic Device +11
Survival +11
Perception +12

Knowledge Skills:

Arcana +10
Planes +10
Nature +10
Geography +9
Local +7

Boggard, Celestral, Common, Osiriani, Shoanti, Sylvan and Varisian


Canter – If someone uses Bluff to give a message they a +5. If I attempt to intercept a secret message I get a +5.
Combat Casting – +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defense
Jackal Blood – +4 on saving throws to resist spells or effects that would cause you to fall asleep
Narrows Survivor – +1 to Initiative and Sense Motive checks.
Improved Familiar – My Dweomer cat cub
Extra Hex – What witch couldnt use an extra hex? eheheheheh!

Special Abilities:

Evil Eye -4
Tongues (10/day)
Ward +3
Heart of the Wilderness +5
Slumber (10 rounds)
Speak with Familiar
Shar Spells with Familiar
Deliver Touch Spells through Familiar
Empathic Link with Familiar
Speak with Animals

Spell-Like Abilities:

Feather fall (at will)
Fly (10/day)
Levitate (1/day)


Loves to de-buff enemies and fly around on a broom stick. Operates “Witchy Wayz Taxi Service” that serves the surrounding 10,000 mile area. Also has a Dweomercat cub campanion that is known for stealthiness and stealing armor from bad guys by using dimension door after laying a set of paws on the object.

Kara Lilura

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