kingmaker Greymere Crossing

Up till now

As best as I can recall…

The group started in Korvosa helping solve the issue of a plague but decided the best way to save the citizens from the corrupt queen was to establish a new kingdom for the refugees to go to and whence the transfer from cotct to kingmaker

In the river kingdoms, they have saved a mysterious Fey Queen from a supposed prison. Ousted the beginnings of a troll army in the mountains to the southwest to replace it with a predominantly Half Orc army…. which is causing quite a stir in the Hold of Belkzen… They defeated a bandit king only to learn his fort actually holds an ancient temple guarded by a paladin who fears what will come from it’s depths and has sworn and ancient oath to guard it, recently something has awakened the creatures that live beyond the temple and the paladin has formed a second perimeter to hold back the darkness. An ancient tower has also been found that has some unknown purpose and speaks of elder beings from the places between planes. They have journeyed to Varnhold to find what has happened to their sister fledling kingdom to no avail. But friends have been made of centaurs and mighty cyclops have been found that have forced the party to retreat. They have since entered the ancient temple to discover a massive set of stairs leading deep into earth…


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