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The city of Greymere Crossing has increased in size and we have added another town to the kingdom. We are now spread out to 6 ‘counties’ stretching nearly 70 miles long.

Greymere Crossing sits on the connection of water between Candlemere and Tuskwater Lakes and now has a Town Hall, Library, Piers for our fishing boats and trade, Shops, an Inn, a Mill on the river, Brothel (across the street from the Town Hall), a city Dump, two distinct Housing areas, a new Graveyard, a new Herbalist and a Smith all protected by a City Wall.

The new town sits on the site of the old Stag Lord’s Fort.. it has no name as of yet and consists of only a castle at the moment. This town sits on the north-east side of Tuskwater Lake roughly 16 miles from Greymere Crossing via our new North Road and bridge over the Skunk River. Nearly 1000 people settled here in less than a month in and around the castle.

Approximate Populations:

Within the 6 counties: 1500
In Greymere Crossing: 3500
New Town: 1000

Total: 6000



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