kingmaker Greymere Crossing

Slaying of the Drow Queen

1600 xp for kingdom size of 5
6600 xp for First encounter slaying of the drow matron and guard
1000 xp for second encounter defeat of the murderer of Greymere

Woot the gnome was slain with a coup de grace’

The Witch also nearly died from the same experience.

And the Orc didnt know it but he was very close to becoming one with chaos

So the party ventured deeper below the temple to meet the Drow with a rollercoaster of doom. There they discovered how deadly the drow can be with the loss of our beloved gnome and the near death of Witch. It was discovered down there that interruption of the Tower has caused creatures of dark to become interested in the upper realm.

The party then returned home to discover a murderer was on the loose. After several attempts at catching the murderer including a festival for the death of our Gnome. The witch called upon Archons to assist in the hunt of the evil loose in our city. Once discovered a multitude of Achon hounds were summoned to slay the foul beast(return of the dreaded smoke monster)


ljlagnese ljlagnese

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