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Completion of Vordakai Dungeon

Alright so the party rescued the survivors of Varnhold with Witchy’s Ways Taxi service. They also defeated the last minion of Vordakai within the dungeon.

News to the party

The Tower is made of “Numerian” steel so this has brought alot more prosperity and wealth to the kingdom. Along with more enemies… namely the Numerians who no longer have a monopoly.

The mining operations have begun…

The emissary to the elves has not returned. Both merchants and brigands have had several engagements with elves recently in our area. Also Black Meadow Castle(staglord fort) has had several of its guards in different areas found tied up but unharmed. The guards never know how they got there but the last thing they remember is being on watch. The Paladin has doubled the watches but so far this has seemed to not stop the incidents from happening. Nothing ever appears stolen and no one is ever hurt.

The Tower at present is presumed to being mined by the orcs guarding the barren island. Possibly Ug is using the normally executed weak orcs for labor orcs and is creating a newbreed of civilized beasts?

More to follow….

Please comment on changes or differences you all would like…

And XP is 8000 for that retardedly easy fight.
and 4000 for rescuing the Varnhold citizens.


The third party that was sent out to the establish kingdoms was Drelev. They have not had the success the party has had but they are doing better than Varnhold did. Of course there land is mostly swamp so geography has alot to do with it.

The Ice Queen has been very reclusive over the past months but seems to be plotting something. Of course she is unreadable and uninterrogatable.

Oleg’s Outpost has been approached by kobolds offering to work in trade for protection from the mites in the local region.

Some Varnhold citizens along with new friends they have made over the past months have been pushing for expansion back to their home and to reclaim it from whatever has taken over there.

(everyone please take this time to post an intro-ish of your back up character and possibly the intro of your primary, I will lead by example)

A wizard named Verdad has arrived over the past months and has taken up residence in the caster tower. He has openly offered assistance in establishing more dominance throughout this region his only request is a chance to thoroughly study the ancient books that you have recovered. He has a flying metal ball that he commonly discusses things with before he makes any serious decisions. The fey in the region have openly shared a dislike for him as he has for them. A common phrase from him “they will be the death of you all, kill them when you can for they will only bring disharmony to your kingdom” Of course he has not been seen harming any fey since the present status of the kingdom is friendly towards them. The majority of his minions and followers have mostly been clockwork creatures and golems.

The other new comer is a daredevil halfling who rides a direbat named deMal. He is reckless to the point of suicidal and seems more focused on the show at hand than the deed being done. He has been witnessed fighting any who would dare harm the good citizens of your kingdom in a near vigilante sort of method so far all sentient races that the kingdom has accepted have been spared but have been turned in for their crimes. More than once has has been rescued by the city watch for taking on foes well beyond his means but he insists that it is all in a days work. He cant wait till the heroes of this kingdom call upon him for aid in their adventures.
He has no known followers…

Completion of Vordakai Dungeon
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