kingmaker Greymere Crossing

Annexing Tatzlford
Kingdom expansion and rumors of war

The Kingdom expanded by 3 counties and 1 town.

See: Wiki Experience Point Chart and the Current Treasure List

A small village made itself known to your kingdom with a visit by it’s major and a small envoy. He wanted to ask to be included in your kingdom and to ask for protection from a big increase in attacks on his people and along the various roads / pathways around his village.

Name: Tatzlford < tats el ford > ? or < tats ol hoff >
NG Village
Corruption –1; Crime –2; Economy +0; Law +0; Lore +0; Society +0
Qualities: Insular, Strategic Location
Danger: 0
Government: autocracy (mayor)
Population: 186 (172 human, 8 half-elf, 3 half-orc, 3 other)
Notable NPCs:
Mayor Loy “Tanner” Rezbin (NG male human ranger 3 / expert 2)
High Priestess Latricia Evanore (LG female human cleric of Erastil 5)
Captain of the Guard Coren Lawry (NG male human warrior 3)
Base Value 2,200 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 3rd
Minor Items: boots of the winterlands, ring of counterspells (currently contains slay living); Medium Items —; Major Items —
Kingdom Increases: Economy +8; Loyalty +9; Stability +6
City Grid Borders: all land
Buildings: Brewery, Brothel, Houses (4), Inn, Library, Shop,
Smith, Tavern, Temple, Town Hall, Tradesman

This town is located some 33 miles due north of Greymere right near the middle of the Narlmarches along the Skunk River. The river is the major transportation route used into and out of this town… no roads, but many hunting trails. (The county it occupies is directly between the Abandoned Keep and the giant statue of Erastil)

When the party entered the town they were met by most of the townspeople and the guard. The mayor and captain gave them a tour and spoke about the short history of the town and it’s current problems. A day earlier a woman was captured right outside of the village and told about a small invasion / raiding force about to attack Tazlford. The party interrogated her and found out that she escaped the raiders and that they were less than a day away.

New enemies: Hannis Drelev of Fort Drelev, Lord Irovetti who is the bandit king of Pitax ???, and a group of the Tiger Lords (barbarians) !!! It seems Pitax launched an attack on Drelev with the Tiger Lords involved, Drelev surrendered without a fight… Pitax might have their eyes set on your kingdom (Stronghold).

Kisandra Numesti (NG female human rogue 2/aristocrat 3), the youngest daughter of Lord Terrion Numesti, a knight and aristocrat of Brevoy. (They settled in Fort Drelev)

Kisandra’s older sister is being held as a ‘hostage’, along with many other daughters of Drelev’s fighters, and her father is now imprisoned. (This story is too large to include here). See New Enemies above.

The raiders included 25 human mercenaries from Pitax (?) (still under investigation), 10 human barbarians (From the Tiger Lords?) and 6 big ass Trolls. The town / guard only had 11 members with another 14 or so townspeople that could fight.. Coren Lawry (captain) told you that his people had a good chance of repelling the attack from the human raiders (maybe), but the addition of the 6 Trolls would defiantly wipe out the town completely.

The brave heroes along with the town’s guards defeated the invaders and killed all the Trolls. Talzford lost a few townspeople and half of the guard. The town’s wall was badly damaged along with a few homes. Three of the raiders have been captured alive.

The fight is mostly over, (I need to revisit an encounter) and events are being investigated…


Completion of Vordakai Dungeon

Alright so the party rescued the survivors of Varnhold with Witchy’s Ways Taxi service. They also defeated the last minion of Vordakai within the dungeon.

News to the party

The Tower is made of “Numerian” steel so this has brought alot more prosperity and wealth to the kingdom. Along with more enemies… namely the Numerians who no longer have a monopoly.

The mining operations have begun…

The emissary to the elves has not returned. Both merchants and brigands have had several engagements with elves recently in our area. Also Black Meadow Castle(staglord fort) has had several of its guards in different areas found tied up but unharmed. The guards never know how they got there but the last thing they remember is being on watch. The Paladin has doubled the watches but so far this has seemed to not stop the incidents from happening. Nothing ever appears stolen and no one is ever hurt.

The Tower at present is presumed to being mined by the orcs guarding the barren island. Possibly Ug is using the normally executed weak orcs for labor orcs and is creating a newbreed of civilized beasts?

More to follow….

Please comment on changes or differences you all would like…

And XP is 8000 for that retardedly easy fight.
and 4000 for rescuing the Varnhold citizens.

Hunt for Vordikai

6000 xp

So after fending off another smoke monster and the Witches ability to counter scry they were able to locate the lair of Vordakai(close to where the half orc died once so far)

They discovered some nasty wyverns an unpleasant cyclopian zombie trap, avoided the loch ness monster, discovered an epic Indiana Jones inspired trap, and then 2 more smoke monsters which slayed a henchmen(pc) and left the better part of the party mildly retarded. (if you guys actually roleplay your limited wisdom their is a chance for bonus xp)

Stronghollow Info to date

The city of Greymere Crossing has increased in size and we have added another town to the kingdom. We are now spread out to 6 ‘counties’ stretching nearly 70 miles long.

Greymere Crossing sits on the connection of water between Candlemere and Tuskwater Lakes and now has a Town Hall, Library, Piers for our fishing boats and trade, Shops, an Inn, a Mill on the river, Brothel (across the street from the Town Hall), a city Dump, two distinct Housing areas, a new Graveyard, a new Herbalist and a Smith all protected by a City Wall.

The new town sits on the site of the old Stag Lord’s Fort.. it has no name as of yet and consists of only a castle at the moment. This town sits on the north-east side of Tuskwater Lake roughly 16 miles from Greymere Crossing via our new North Road and bridge over the Skunk River. Nearly 1000 people settled here in less than a month in and around the castle.

Approximate Populations:

Within the 6 counties: 1500
In Greymere Crossing: 3500
New Town: 1000

Total: 6000


Slaying of the Drow Queen

1600 xp for kingdom size of 5
6600 xp for First encounter slaying of the drow matron and guard
1000 xp for second encounter defeat of the murderer of Greymere

Woot the gnome was slain with a coup de grace’

The Witch also nearly died from the same experience.

And the Orc didnt know it but he was very close to becoming one with chaos

So the party ventured deeper below the temple to meet the Drow with a rollercoaster of doom. There they discovered how deadly the drow can be with the loss of our beloved gnome and the near death of Witch. It was discovered down there that interruption of the Tower has caused creatures of dark to become interested in the upper realm.

The party then returned home to discover a murderer was on the loose. After several attempts at catching the murderer including a festival for the death of our Gnome. The witch called upon Archons to assist in the hunt of the evil loose in our city. Once discovered a multitude of Achon hounds were summoned to slay the foul beast(return of the dreaded smoke monster)

Up till now

As best as I can recall…

The group started in Korvosa helping solve the issue of a plague but decided the best way to save the citizens from the corrupt queen was to establish a new kingdom for the refugees to go to and whence the transfer from cotct to kingmaker

In the river kingdoms, they have saved a mysterious Fey Queen from a supposed prison. Ousted the beginnings of a troll army in the mountains to the southwest to replace it with a predominantly Half Orc army…. which is causing quite a stir in the Hold of Belkzen… They defeated a bandit king only to learn his fort actually holds an ancient temple guarded by a paladin who fears what will come from it’s depths and has sworn and ancient oath to guard it, recently something has awakened the creatures that live beyond the temple and the paladin has formed a second perimeter to hold back the darkness. An ancient tower has also been found that has some unknown purpose and speaks of elder beings from the places between planes. They have journeyed to Varnhold to find what has happened to their sister fledling kingdom to no avail. But friends have been made of centaurs and mighty cyclops have been found that have forced the party to retreat. They have since entered the ancient temple to discover a massive set of stairs leading deep into earth…


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