Welcome fellow citizens of Greymere Crossing!

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Kara (Sandra)

The city of Greymere Crossing and the new kingdom of Stronghollow was founded by a group of adventurers that ‘migrated’ from locations far to the west.
They consisted of:
Ruler: A Paladin (Our somewhat leader, patsy, puppet) – Chris
Co-Ruler: Our NPC Fey Queen Ice Princess Court Witch…
Councilor: NPC Sorcerer .. was Brendan’s older character now retired.
General: Half-Orc Barbarian (Died recently but raised) – Eon
Grand Diplomat: NPC something .. (Was Ed’s old spot for his Sorcerer, but he was mercifully killed off).
High Priest: The NPC old Paladin at what is now the castle at Stag Lord’s Fort
Magister: The Alchemist (Goes missing for months at a time, the character to) – Jeremy
Marshal: The most awesome Zen Archer Monk – Shawn
Royal Assassin: The Alchemist (Maybe why he isn’t around?) – Jeremy
Spymaster: The Witch – Sandra
Treasurer: NPC
Warden: Mikey’s character which I can’t remember.. a Fighter? (He’s pretty much gone for a bit)

No real jobs:
Brendan’s new character … a Shadowdancer
Ed’s new character … a Gun Bunny?

So we have 4 or 5 regulars and can have as many as 8 people playing at once… which has happened once.

kingmaker Greymere Crossing

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